The 5 Best Ways to Promote Your Business on Reddit

business promotion on reddit

The 5 Best Ways to Promote Your Business on Reddit

You may or may not have a Reddit account butmost likely you heard about it. Virtually everyone who has access to theworldwide net might be familiar with Reddit as it’s the top three most visitedand popular social media platform in the U.S. Itallows its users, also called Redditors, to discuss something that’s posted byother users and upvote (like) or downvote it (dislike). Perhaps you have doneit a few times already.

One great thing about Reddit is that it gives the users the opportunity to create their own small communities known as Subreddits. People with similar interests are brought together in these sections to discuss things and share their viewpoints.

There are no limits for creating subreddits and they can range from a very simple and common topic to the most sensitive subjects you can think of. Creating or using these subreddits to your advantage can be the most effective strategy to promote your business.

However, the site is smart enough to protectusers from spammers through its system called Karma score. You earn karma points when yourcomments or posts are upvoted but you’ll get consistent downvotes if you try tospam post unrelated contents just to let others know about your business.

As a result, Reddit will put restrictions on how often you can post contents to certain subreddits. So, you can’t simply post anything anywhere you want just to lure potential clients. To help you on this matter, here are the five best ways to promote your business on Reddit.

How To Best Promote Your Business On Reddit  

#1. Getinvolved in the community (subreddit) genuinely

If you want to take advantage of Reddit to grow your business, what you will need, first and foremost, is patience. Take things easy and your first month as Redditor should not involve an outright business promotion. The Reddit community, again, is very smart to know if you’re a shameless self-promoter. Your fellow Redditors will know if you’re promoting a product or service too often or if you’re spamming the site with a bunch of the same links to the website of your business. 

So, save your promotion for later and spend some time to get to know more about the community or subreddit you’re subscribed in. Be actively involved by commenting on good and popular posts and submit contents which are not affiliated with your business. This will help you learn what the community likes, meaning more upvotes, which will have a significant effect later when the time is right to promote your business.

Once you’re making good contributions to the community consistently, you can do promotion and they won’t mind. Just stagger your self-promotion with about 9 other posts which are not related to your business. 

#2.Choose or subscribe to subreddits that pertain to your business

Since there are so many subreddits available, be selective which ones you become acquainted with. If your business is within the cosmetics industry, then it’s a waste of time and effort subscribing in subreddits where people are more interested in technology. And again, be genuinely active in those subreddits that you chose and get involved.

By doing so means posting relevant contentsfor the users, responding to their questions or comments, and helping them outabout their related concerns. In this way, you are creating a good reputationwithin that community and will eventually become a great influencer. Buying Reddit upvotes can help with that. Otherusers will look up to you and seek your opinion or advice. Just make sure youindicate the name of your business either permanently in your username or inthe posts you’re submitting. It’s a passive way to market your business.

#3.Create your own subreddit that’s sure to be popular

While anyone can create a subreddit, not all can have great subreddits that work perfectly in stirring ideas and keeping users hook to them. Creating this kind of subreddit requires the right strategy to make it into a strong network of Redditors. There are some few tips for you to achieve this.

Think of an interesting common naming convention for your subreddit and create a navigation which links to all of the related subreddits. You can focus all your effort first in making one major subreddit popular. Once this has a lot of followers, it would be easy for you to get them to go and follow another subreddits with a similar topic. Just don’t forget to make sure that the photos and contents posted there are of high quality.

Of course, what all these could bring you is a mass of active followers inside the growing community of Reddit which translates to a wider customer base.

#4.Make your own IAmA section

Of all the sections in Reddit, the IAmA isthe fastest growing and very popular subreddit with more than tenmillion subscribers. IAmA means “I Am A ____,” wherein users can ask you anyquestions about yourself. It might be a light and fun way to get to know otherRedditors, but plenty of famous celebrities and personalities have been tryingit, too!

It’s a great way to interact with other users and know more about you personally, and eventually, about your business. You can post something that describes you and say “ask me anything”. Getting involved in the IAmA section means a higher chance of receiving questions about your business and promote it effectively.  

#5.Learn more about what Redditors are saying about your market niche

Given the fact that Reddit is so popular with hundreds of millions of users, it’s a great place to research and know what people are saying about your products or the industry you’re in. Doing a keyword search will give you results in all the subreddits available. You can then read some honest reviews from those who have availed your products or services.

Whatever the review is respond to the users by either thanking for their good reviews or helping those who have a negative experience with your products. In this way, you are showing them that you really care about them and their experiences in buying your products. This will result in earning their trust and getting lifelong clients.

It may not be possible to give an exact equation as to how many customers you can attract in promoting your business on Reddit, but doing those 5 ways will help you reach out to a wider audience for sure. After all, it won’t cost you to spend a big amount of money but only plain dedication to growing your business.  

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