What Site Is Better: Reddit or Quora?

quora vs reddit

What Site Is Better: Reddit or Quora?

If you want to ask something or learn more about it, you will get the answer in just a click. Not only that as you will also receive several viewpoints and opinions from all sort of people. Thanks to those social platforms that allow you to post and ask whatever topic you’re interested in. But the question is which platform should you use and what is better: Reddit or Quora?

Determining which Q&A service is better than the other is really hard to do because there are many factors that make each platform unique and different from the other. With that, let’s take a look at every site and try to compare them afterward if that’s possible.

Reddit In A Snapshot

Reddit, one of the ten most visited websites in the U.S. and growing in rapid popularity, is basically a discussion forum site with a motto: “the front page of the internet.” It works in much the same way as other forum platforms where members post a question, topic, or any piece of content. Others can then comment and respond in the conversation thread where discussion, insights, and camaraderie happens.

The Reddit community is full of thoughtful and diverse personalities where charitable causes from good people most often are accomplished. This is what makes the platform very inspiring for many and for experts who seem to be true to themselves and what claimed to be.

The key feature that makes Reddit distinct is that it’s self-governed by the users. There are very few restrictions on what you can post or respond. In fact, after signing up, anybody can view, write comments or direct messages, rate, follow users or groups, create new communities and so on. You can even consume the contents without the need to log in and engage.

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Quora In A Nutshell

Pretty much the same with Reddit, anyone can also create an account and use Quora. However, most of its users are notably involved in the digital media industry, making it a great source of information about the rapidly evolving technology world.

Being a professional Q&A service, the primary focus of Quora is to give answers or solutions to the questions being asked. While it also operates as a discussion forum for users where they can get different viewpoints about the things they want to know about, there’s a lot of niche contents that are for technology insiders.

Despite this obvious bias, Quora is also expanding to other concept pages such as music where professional experts from various fields and industries answer the questions in certain ways.

The big part of Quora’s popularity is being an open forum where companies can add intrigue to posted questions and employees can give their one-sided stories. At its core, Quora is a community of technology enthusiasts where founders, staff, and members are very particular that you better play by their rules, or you turn around and walk away.

So, as you might already be thinking, both sites are Q&A centric that it would be hard to truly determine which one is better and has more merit than the other. It entirely depends on its user base and the growth of the service is dependent upon the involvement of its current users.

However, to give you a much clearer differentiation as to why there’s no direct answer to what site is better – Reddit or Quora, here are some solid points to ponder on.

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Talking about being popular

Even if Quora has been multiplying the number of users it has, Reddit is still more popular when we talk about figures. Add to this the fact that users of Quora in another centralized web service can’t access some answers to a question. But if you need to know something about YouTube insights, you may get a direct answer from an expert in Quora and not just a candid opinion from a Reddit user.

When it comes to the aspect of traffic, it’s hard to compare the two platforms with accurate figures. However, reports show that almost 1.6 billion had visited Reddit in the most recent month which is a clear indication that it’s going far ahead of Quora. While Quora is picking up really fast since 2011, the users of Reddit had grown 10 times much faster because of its very popular section, the IAmA or AMA (“Ask Me Anything”). This leads us to the next point.

When it comes to function

What makes Reddit very appealing to its vast users is its Q&A section or AMA section. It is growing so fast that greatly contributes to the notable growth of the entire platform. Another considerable factor is the self-sufficiency that Reddit takes pride in. The platform features a smart concept of downvoting and booting wherein users who don’t contribute much to their community can be blocked. Moreover, the Reddit community has a good understanding of the features of the website and the trends going around.

On the other hand, Quora solely operates on the concept of Q&A and most of the posted contents are a way formal and professional from the experts who have deep knowledge of their subject. Recently, Quora has been adding new topics to its flagship of technical subjects. This gives more variety to the questions being asked and the answers being provided by the users. While you can navigate through all the answers to a specific question, it’s still quite difficult to tell the expert’s opinion because there are plenty of answers to consider.

Based it on the user experience

If you want to learn about what’s the trending topic, then Quora can’t give it to you as how Reddit can. Quora specializes in giving you information on specific topics and not in ranking what’s the most trending issues among users. So, in essence, Quora represents more its professional users who prefer to-the-point answers to questions.

Reddit, on the other hand, is more liberal in providing you something informative and entertaining at the same time. This is because its users can add different mediums to back up their points, be it a text, an image or video. It has a wider audience base, allowing diversity and liberty from users.


So, which site is better: Reddit or Quora? Well, again, only the users can evaluate based on their particular experiences and expectations if there are any left unmet.

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