How Do I Get Reddit Karma? Is It Really Worth It?

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How Do I Get Reddit Karma? Is It Really Worth It?

Whether you are just new to Reddit or have been using it extensively, it’s always a great idea to be well acquainted about this awesome social platform. The most essential thing you should learn about Reddit is that it’s one of the best places to promote your business or any charitable cause you want the world to know. More importantly, the main reason why you are here, it pays off to learn how to get Reddit karma and build it.

How Reddit Karma Works

Each of the Subreddits, or the sections on Reddit where contents are posted, has its own moderators who look at the Karma score of the user who makes the post. While for some subreddits, Karma score may not be important but for the most useful others, it plays a big role.

Just to make it more clear, Karma score comes in two categories: ‘post Karma’ and ‘comment Karma’. It is a way of saying that someone liked or disliked your post or comment. Specifically for Redditors, likes are called Up-votes while the dislikes are Down-votes. In other words, if a user up-voted your comment, you get one comment Karma point and when another user also up-voted your post, you also receive one post Karma point.

As a result, your Reddit Karma score increases as your comment and post receive more upvotes. However, getting more downvotes can make all your hard work useless as you’ll lose the same number of upvotes. So, comes your big question, “How do I get Reddit Karma? Is it really worth it?”

How To Get Reddit Karma And Increase It

Since there are two ways to earn Karma points, let’s consider how to get Reddit Karma for each category.

1. Earning More ‘Post Reddit Karma’

The best way to attract more fellow Redditors to click the link to your post is by creating an engaging post title. This will give your post higher chances to be read but never use misleading titles just to trick other users. This can lead to earning more downvotes instead of upvotes.

You can also follow popular news on social media and be among the first to post them on Reddit to encourage conversation. Do the same for newly released movie or TV trailers to generate responses from the community of Redditors. This will more likely result to more upvotes.

Another great opportunity to inspire more post Karma is reposting those photos and videos that were once gone viral to draw the attention of new users, and even veteran Redditors to remind them of their old-time favorites.

Now that you know some tips what links or contents you should post to encourage upvotes, you might be wondering where is the best place to post them. Interestingly, less-popular subreddits are a better option since there are fewer subscribers, meaning less competition. It will give your post a bigger chance to be featured on the front page and stay there for some time.

One last tip is to post funny or thought-provoking questions to AskReddit to receive a lot of responses and, of course, more upvotes. Then don’t forget to return the favor by upvoting those who responded accordingly.

And of course, if you’re looking for more upvotes, you can get them from our service page.

2. Receiving More ‘Comment Reddit Karma’

Again, your main goal here is to get more ‘comment Karma’. It means making comments which don’t provoke arguments but can add something relevant to the conversation thread. Getting yourself caught in argumentation may result to more downvotes, affecting your ‘comment Karma’ and overall Reddit Karma score.

Unlike the strategy in earning ‘post Karma’, do comment on more popular subreddits (r/popular section) where there are plenty of subscribers. Commenting on these busy subreddits most often is very likely to give you more attention and responses from other Redditors.

You can also try ask a funny question to a famous Redditor or someone with high-profile as he or she has many followers that can give you more upvotes. Similarly, respond to funny comments with witty ideas and to serious comments with compassion.

Now, in terms of the specific places to comment, commenting and upvoting threads both on New tab (where posts can go viral) and Hot tab (where most popular threads from your subscribed subreddits are displayed) will give your comment more views. Thus, you get bigger chance of being upvoted to the front page.

Finally, the greatest trick of getting hundreds of upvotes in a short period of time is to comment on a busy thread with a perfect GIFs. You can find a funny yet relevant GIF reaction in the /r/reactiongifs.

So, how do you get Reddit Karma? Just keep in mind those tips and tricks and you’ll likely earn more Karma points. But still another big question you might be asking is whether it will really be worth all your effort or not?

Why Should You Earn More Reddit Karma

As one of the ten most visited websites in the U.S., gracing the third spot, in fact, it’s one great source of getting high traffic for any content. While some think Karma is like a gimmick of giving scores to allure Redditors to comment or post a link, it has been created for good reasons.

First and most important of all, Reddit Karma affects both your reputation and ability to comment and post on the platform. There are communities or subreddits that require a certain minimum amount of Karma to accept your comments and posts. Having a low Karma that falls short below this minimum might leave you wondering why your comment or post has been removed.

Karma is specially designed to fight cheating, spam and bot activity. It also serves as a metric system that determines your contribution to the larger community of Reddit, if you are a valued member of the site.

If you have high Karma score, it means that you have contributed popular content with a lot of upvotes. While it doesn’t directly tell if that post is really good or not, it does say something about your ability to attract other users to join the commotion.

So, having a high Reddit Karma score translates to more exposure to a wider audience, ability to comment and post, and create your own subreddit to influence fellow Redditors.

In a nutshell, while Reddit Karma has no value whatsoever outside the platform, it can serve as a great tool you can use inside the site to exercise influence; more so, if you want to promote your business or any charitable cause you have.

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