How To Get A Do-Follow Backlink From Reddit

do-follow backlink from reddit

How To Get A Do-Follow Backlink From Reddit

t’s no secret that backlinks affect the keywords and position for which your website ranks in the search results. By obtaining high-quality backlinks from popular websites, your site will rise in the search engine results page (SERPs). While there are countless sources where you can build backlinks, you should consider using Reddit for this purpose. Originally launched June 2005, Reddit is a news-based social media network. With more than 1.69 billion monthly users, it’s the third-most popular website in the United States and the sixth-most popular website in the world. Reddit allows users to create threads in one or more categories, known as a subreddit, or reply to existing threads.

Reddit Backlinks: What You Should Know

When you create a thread or reply to an existing thread on Reddit, you can include a link to your own website. Each of these links signals trust, showing Google and Bing that other websites, such as Reddit, think your website is valuable and worthy of a link. Therefore, Reddit backlinks can encourage higher search rankings while attracting more direct traffic to your site in the process. Not all Reddit backlinks offer the same search engine optimization (SEO) value, however. Most backlinks you’ll come across when browsing the social network are nofollow. To effectively use Reddit as a backlink-building tool, you must create traditional backlinks without this HTML attribute.

What Are Nofollow Backlinks?

A nofollow backlink is an HTML link with the no nofollow attribute that points to an external website. It was created in 2005 by Google engineers Matt Cutts and Jason Shellen. The purpose of the nofollow attribute is to prevent search engines from following the link or using it in their ranking algorithm. The mid-2000s internet was akin to the Wild West: Spammers and nefarious marketers were manipulating Google’s ranking algorithm to outrank their competitors. To combat this issue, Cutts and Shellen developed the nofollow attribute, which has since been adopted by all major search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Baidu. The general idea is that search engines ignore these links, meaning they won’t help you achieve higher search rankings. Users can still click nofollow backlinks, and most users never even known the difference. However, search engines won’t factor nofollow links into their algorithm when calculating a ranking for your website. To see if a backlink in a Reddit post is nofllow, view the web page’s source code from your web browser. If it’s nofollow, you’ll see rel=”nofollow” proceeding the actual URL.

How Reddit Determines Which Backlinks Are Nofollow

If you’re planning to build backlinks for your website on Reddit, you should avoid the nofollow attribute. While all user-created backlinks on Reddit look the same, some have this HTML attribute, thereby minimizing or eliminating their SEO value. Unfortunately, Reddit doesn’t allow users to choose whether they want to include the nofollow attribute in their links. But if Reddit believes your post isn’t spam, it won’t use this HTML attribute. So, how do you make Reddit trust you and not view your post as spam? First, you’ll need to build up your karma. When someone upvotes one of your posts, your karma will increase. When someone downvotes one of your posts, it will decrease. Reddit is more likely to disable the nofollow attribute for backlinks created by high-karma users because karma is a crowd-sourced measurement of trust. If your account has zero karma or negative karma, Reddit will probably include the nofollow attribute in your backlinks. Here are some tips to increase your karma:

  • create positive, uplifting posts
  • avoid commenting on polarizing topics
  • don’t copy other users’ comments
  • check Engage in direct discussions with other users
  • check Comment on new posts, ensuring your comments offer value to the discussion
  • check Create clickworthy titles for your threads
  • check Create posts in the early evening for maximum visibility

In addition to your karma, Reddit also looks at the total number of upvotes and downvotes your post has to determine whether to include the nofollow attribute in links. If your post has been downvoted by dozens of users and doesn’t have any upvotes, any backlink included in that post will likely feature the nofollow attribute. To attract upvotes, you should follow the same tips previously mentioned. As your user karma increases and your posts receive more upvotes, Reddit may convert any existing nofollow links into traditional links.

Publish High-Quality Content

The most important tip to avoid the nofollow attribute trigger on Reddit is to publish high-quality content. Far too many users post threads or replies that consist of nothing more than an blatant advertisement. A business’s marketing team may create a new account on Reddit, which they use to promote and sell their products. Reddit’s algorithm and community, however, can see right through these promotional posts. They’ll get downvoted into oblivion, receiving little or no traffic while retaining the nofollow attribute in any included links. To prevent this from happening with your Reddit posts, you should create high-quality content that offers value to the Reddit community. Funny stuff works well on the platform as users are constantly upvoting funny posts to the front page. You can also post heartwarming stories to attract more upvotes. Search Google News for stories of rescues, reunions, parenting and other heartwarming topics. After finding a relevant story, create a thread about it on Reddit.

What You Shouldn’t Do

Don’t attempt to cheat Reddit’s algorithm by purchasing upvotes from other users or businesses. There are countless websites that sell Reddit upvotes. While using one of these services may seem like a fast track to SEO success, they usually do more harm than good. Reddit’s algorithm can detect bots, spam and fake accounts. Not only will it delete the bots’ accounts, but Reddit may delete your account as well. So, use a white-hat strategy when building backlinks on Reddit that involves building your karma, attracting upvotes and publishing high-quality content. Reddit is just one platform on which you can build authoritative backlinks for your website. There are dozens of other high-traffic, popular websites to consider using.

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