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Please make sure that you use the unshorted version of the URL for your order. For best results, we recommend not to order upvotes for any post or comment that is older than 24 hours.

The 5 Benefits of Buying Reddit Upvotes

There are many reasons and benefits of buying Reddit upvotes. When you purchase upvotes on Reddit, you increase the visibility of your content or business among Reddit users and boost your website’s ranking on Google as well. The more visible your content and links to your website are, the more traffic you will generate to your business or blog.

1. Skyrocket your links to the first page of Reddit

Imagine having your website’s links on the first page of the front page of the internet. Your website will rank high on Reddit search system and be visible to millions of community’s members.

2. Drive tons of targeted traffic to your website

Reddit is a highly interactive platform with hundreds of millions of users. Purchase upvotes, rank your content on the first page of Reddit, and drive massive amounts of traffic to your money site.

3. SEO benefits

When you buy upvotes, you’ll increase your website’s level of engagement and increase authority and trust from Google. This will boost your ranking on search engine results pages. Buying upvotes is a more effective and cheaper SEO strategy.

4. Higher domain authority

When your domain is featured in content voted as valuable and more popular, it gets a boost in authority and ranking on search engines.

5. Great for the growth of your business blog

Upvotes will make your content popular, drive more traffic to your site, improve conversions and sales, and generate more leads for your business or blogging activities.

Our Case Studies

Traffic spike shown on Google Analytics after upvoting a clients links on Reddit:

reddit upvote traffic boost

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Why Reddit?

There’s a good reason why Reddit calls itself The Front Page of Internet. It’s a huge social bookmarking site with more than 542 million monthly visitors and is, in fact, ranked 11th among the most visited websites in the US alone. Since its launch in 2005, Reddit has grown to become one of the most attractive sites for professionals, businesses, bloggers, and the casual user seeking information online. Every internet-savvy marketer is today leveraging the massive power of Reddit to reach out to a larger audience, generate more traffic, and increase online visibility and brand awareness.

Reddit allows its users to share content with followers and fans through many features such as posts and subreddits. It’s not only a great source of content but also a popular platform for driving traffic to your website and landing pages. As a member of the Reddit community, you can share links to your website either directly or through posts.

The popularity of posts and links shared on Reddit is decided through a system of upvotes and downvotes. The more valuable your content is perceived to be by other Reddit users, the more upvotes it gets, and the higher you will rank in the Reddit search engine results page. It’s all about getting higher Reddit Karma by sharing valuable content and getting more upvotes.

What is Reddit Karma?

In Reddit, karma is a way of evaluating the value of every user’s contribution to the community. Karma dives everything in Reddit and relies on positive (upvote) and negative (downvote) responses that your content receives from other users of the platform. If you have a lot of karma, you will have a more respectable position in the community and other users will always pay attention to your posts and click links to your website. Your posts will also rank higher in the community’s search engine, enjoy a higher visibility, and drive more traffic to your web properties. You can grow your business simply by building your Reddit karma.

If you want to learn more about Reddit karma, have a loot at our article, explaing it in detail.

You can increase your karma on Reddit simply by posting good content more frequently and ensuring that your posts are upvoted regularly. The problem that most Reddit users face is how to maximize their upvotes to increase their karma and increase their post visibility. There are two ways of doing this. Either post high-quality content with attractive headlines frequently and pray that it gets massive upvotes or simply purchase upvotes from a reliable Reddit upvotes website. Posting content and leaving it at the mercy of other Redditors to upvote it is an uphill task that can be avoided simply by buying upvotes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Upvotes

Do you guarantee that my post will reach hot?

We do not guarantee that your post will reach hot or receive any traffic, you have to keep in mind that your post must have some sort of quality in order to gain even more attention.

How many upvotes should I buy?

The algorithm values the first votes more than votes casted later. In other words, the first 10 upvotes on a certain link will be counted as high as the next 100 upvotes. If you want to read more about how the Reddit algorythm works, have a look at our post here.

Do you also provide Reddit downvotes?

Yes, we got your covered! You can find out more here.

How long does it take to complete an order?

We complete all orders right after you submit your order. Depending on the amount it can take 24 to 48 hours.

How do I know if my link is live?

Before submitting a link to us, you have to make sure it is live, otherwise we can’t do anything with it. If your link doesn’t start getting any upvotes, this usually means it’s dead (i.e. marked as spam from Reddit’s automatic spam prevention system). One way to check if a link is live is to log out and search the latest links, if it’s not there then it’s probably marked as spam.

What can I do to improve my chances of submitting a working (live) link?

One of the ways is to submit links only from high quality accounts with high karma, old age and good reputation. If you just submit a link with a new account in a more popular sub-reddit, you can forget about that link. In case you need help with that, please get in contact.

What if an order fails, what is your refund policy?

Before submitting a link to us make sure it is live (i.e. it hasn’t been marked as spam by Reddit). If it’s not , we can’t do anything and we’ve basically wasted our time. If that happens, is no refund. If your link was live but marked as spam or blocked after we started upvoting, we’ll mark the order as complete and not issue any refund.

I ordered some upvotes but my score isn’t according to the upvotes I have ordered. What happened?

First of all, if your order is completed then we’ve done all the upvotes. Reddit, however, is not the typical social network, so here are a couple of things that might have happened: 1) People just downvoted your link; 2) A moderator blocked the upvoting in the middle.

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