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5 Reasons to Buy Reddit Downvotes

With 1.7 billion monthly visitors, it’s no surprise that people are willing to pay for Reddit upvotes to get better visibility with that huge audience. But what’s lesser-known, is that it’s equally important to buy Reddit downvotes.There are five key reasons why you might want Reddit downvotes, with one of those reasons being absolutely essential, if you are also buying upvotes.

So let’s take a look at the top five reasons to buy Reddit downvotes, and why you should always be buying them alongside upvotes. When people like something posted on Reddit they will vote it up. If they don’t like it, they will vote it down. The more votes and velocity something gets in terms of upvotes, the higher up the SubReddit it will get.

So it’s obvious that you need upvotes. If you are marketing something, if you want something to be popular, if you want something to be visited, then getting it on to a front page is essential.But what’s little-known, is that downvotes are equally as important. On top of being important, there are also other reasons for buying Reddit downloads, depending on your personal situation.

There are quite a few reasons for purchasing Reddit downvotes. But these five key reasons are the important ones, so let’s take a look at them now.

Play A joke On Your Friends. On a personal level, it can be really funny to downvote your friends Reddit posts. Say they have something they think is brilliant, and you want to play a practical joke on them, you can downvote it.

They log back into Reddit, only to see it’s got three upvotes, but 150 downvotes. It’s basically been buried forever. Now that’s not a nice joke to play on your friends, but a lot of jokes aren’t nice.


To Stop Competitors. A slightly more important reason, is to stop competitors in your market. This is particularly important if it’s a cutthroat niche, and you know that your competitors are also doing this.

They post a link to their latest product, and they start getting upvotes. Every person who clicks on that link to visit your competitor’s site is a potential customer you are losing.

So it’s not ethical, but it’s a common practice: to buy Reddit downvotes to minimize the impact of a competitor product launch, or advertising campaign.

To Shape The Narrative. For personal, professional, social, or political reasons, you might want to shape the narrative on a message.  Let’s not play innocent here, political parties do this sort of nasty stuff all the time.

If you see a message from the opposition gaining traction, then it can be incredibly effective to start downvoting it, lessening the message, and placing doubts in people’s minds as to why it’s being voted down.

Protect Your Reputation. Another personal and professional reason to buy Reddit downvotes is to protect your reputation.

Let’s say somebody has posted an incredibly bad review of your service. Somebody posts that review on Reddit, and it starts to get voted up. You have two choices, you can either allow that damage to happen, or you can intervene by purchasing high quality Reddit downvotes, to minimize the impact.

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