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4 Reasons to Buy Quora Upvotes

If you’re struggling to reach an audience on Quora, then you’re not alone. There are a lot of people out there who buy Quora upvotes, just to get some visibility on what has become a very competitive question and answer website.

The problem is that it’s very difficult to get your foot in the door now, with so many experts and influencers already in pole position, just because they have built a base people to vote for them.

So is buying Quora upvotes a good strategy to get your “foot in the door”, and can it really be that simple to generate long-term Quora traffic?

1. Quora Upvotes Give Your Answers More Exposure

The Quora algorithm means that upvoted answers to questions will rise up the page, while answers that are voted down will fall. It’s basically a popularity contest, which is rumored to also carry more weight if you are an influencer who is trusted.

You can be trusted through having lots of followers, lots of people voting for your answers with very few downvotes, and basically showing trust in you. The first step in building this trust is generating regular upvotes.

The bottom line here is that the more people who upvote your answer, the higher up the page it will be, and more people who will read it. This leads to more upvotes, which brings followers and clicks.

2. Buying Quora Upvotes Increases Your Followers

It’s a well-known fact that popular profiles attract new followers more easily. It’s that human desire to follow what’s popular, because if other people are, then it must be worth doing. It’s a phenomenon known as “social proof”.

If you buy good quality Quora upvotes, your answers appear higher up the page. That demonstrates to people reading your answer, that it must be relevant, which in turn is more likely to make them upvote, and crucially, also to follow you.

So the simple act of buying Quora upvotes can increase your follower count dramatically, giving you a dedicated audience to subtly market to.

3. Upvotes Increase Perception Of Your Expertise

People visit Quora to read quality answers. That’s why it’s perceived as a high-quality question and answer site, in comparison to Yahoo Answers.

So if they see your answer to to a question that’s high up the page, well structured, and has lots of upvotes, then they are going to trust that answer more, simply because others obviously have.

As with anything in marketing and business, if someone trusts you, they are more likely to value your opinion, buy from you, and spread information you put out.

So the more upvotes you get on relevant questions, the more followers you will get, and the more you will be seen as an expert, an influencer, in that area.

4. More Quora Upvotes = More Traffic

If you buy Quora upvotes, you can dramatically increase the speed of your reputation, follower count, and ultimately, traffic to your links.

Carefully crafted answers, posted soon after a question is, and then subtly upvoted, will get your profile in people’s faces for the long term. This will build ongoing followers to your Quora profile, allowing you to indirectly market to them, through your profile links, and the answers you give in the future.

The key part to a strategy that successfully uses paid Quora upvotes, is to deliver genuine, high-quality questions. Then you can pay for upvotes without the fear that you will get banned.

If your strategy is carefully done, buying Quora upvotes can significantly increase the rate at which you acquire followers, which will eventually start to generate a higher upvote count naturally.

The final word here, is that if you buy Quora upvotes, you are literally buying exposure. That will improve your chances of rapidly delivering receptive leads for the long term.

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What if an order fails, what is your refund policy?

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I ordered some upvotes but my score isn’t according to the upvotes I have ordered. What happened?

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