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3 Reasons to buy Quora downvotes

Quora can be an absolute goldmine. If you get it right, Quora can build a following that works to market you for free, and that is ready to click through to buy from you.

It’s possible to conduct your Quora marketing strategy naturally. But it can be far more effective to do it artificially, in the same way as undertaking search engine “optimization” activities, such as artificial link building, can be.

Which is why a lot of people, more than you think, buy Quora downvotes. In fact, most of your competitors probably already are.

So let’s take a look at the benefits of buying Quora downvotes, and how to use them effectively.

Why Use A Quora Downvote?

Just like with a Quora upvote, a downvote is registering your feelings on content someone has posted.

If you like something, you vote it up. If you don’t like something, you vote it down.

If enough people vote it up, it gets to the top, and can become a goldmine. If it’s voted down enough, it will disappear. So it’s community policing, that can also deliver marketing opportunities.

How Are Quora Downvotes Different To Upvotes?

When people think about Quora marketing, they just think about getting their own post to the top, which means getting it upvoted.

But you can achieve exactly the same goal by downvoting other people’s posts.

So although the obvious difference between an upvote and a downvote, is that one is positive while the other is negative, in terms of the overall strategy of pushing your own posts up the page, there is no difference between the two.

3 Key Reasons You Should Buy Quora Downvotes

1. Burying competitors posts when you post your own will make it easier for your own to rise, without appearing unnatural. Focusing on voting up and voting down is less risky than just doing one, or the other.

2. If you want to control the conversation, or stop the dirty tricks of competitors, then downvotes, and upvotes, can be good tools to do this. Just as a few Quora upvotes can push your own post up the page, so a few Quora downvotes on the post above you can have the same effect.

3. More Quora downvotes = more traffic. It often feels counter-intuitive to be doing something negative, that achieves something positive. But the bottom line is that downvoting the posts above yours, can push yours to the top, which brings followers, and ultimately traffic that can be converted.

The Best Strategy For Using Quora Downvotes

As we have already touched upon, the best strategy is actually to have a blend of Quora downvotes and upvotes, rather than concentrating on one or the other.

The reason for this is simple. You want to build trust with the system, and with the people who start to follow you.

If either the software or the people spot that you are suddenly shooting upwards with a ton of positive votes, it could be seen as suspicious.

However, if you carefully blend the strategy of getting high-quality, steady Quora upvotes, alongside gently nudging competitive posts down using purchased Quora downvotes, then you achieve the same goal, but far more subtly.

So ultimately, your best chance of a successful Quora marketing strategy, that attempts to artificially alter the balance in your favor, is to buy Quora downvotes and upvotes that are both high quality, and that are delivered naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete an order?

We complete all orders right after you submit your order. Depending on the amount it can take 24 to 48 hours.

What if an order fails, what is your refund policy?

Before submitting a link to us make sure it is live (i.e. it hasn’t been marked as spam by Quora). If it’s not , we can’t do anything and we’ve basically wasted our time. If that happens, is no refund. If your link was live but marked as spam or blocked after we started upvoting, we’ll mark the order as complete and not issue any refund.

I ordered some upvotes but my score isn’t according to the upvotes I have ordered. What happened?

First of all, if your order is completed then we’ve done all the upvotes. Quora, however, is not the typical social network, so here are a couple of things that might have happened: 1) People just downvoted your link; 2) A moderator blocked the upvoting in the middle.

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