Free Social Bookmarking Sites List

Free Social Bookmarking Sites List

Free Social Bookmarking Sites List

What Is Bookmarking, And How Does It Relate To Backlinks?

Social bookmarking is a special technique for getting backlinks. This process works by visiting popular social platforms and then sharing your links with them. These forums are often moderated by the activity you garner. What we have is a list of sites you can get started with right away. The objective is to boost your site’s ranking.

Creating an effective bookmarking campaign starts with “power in numbers.” The more links you have distributed, the better your search ranking can become. You do, however, have to watch out for faulty platforms and what’s called a “nofollow” link structure. We’ll explain the details below in our free social bookmarking sites list.

Let’s now look at how we can use bookmarking to improve your Web brand.

– Boosting Search Engine Traffic:
The percentage of relevancy giving to backlinks equals roughly 20 percent from an entire pie chart of different factors to consider. This is a huge chunk and outweighs the importance that keyword research has. Letting the search engines know that your content has the support of external sites is key.

Using the backlink structure in social bookmarking could substantially boost traffic to your site. Not only will you pick up viewers, who reach your links through the sites we have listed, but the presence of these cross-links gives you a higher rank in search.

There are over 3.5 billion searches made per day, yet the top search page gets about 90 percent of all that traffic. The higher you appear here, the more traffic your brand gets in the end.

– Automated Website Promotions:
Bookmarking sites act as automated promotion sites. These sites have a healthy ranking, which means that your appearance on them provides you with a piece of their success. Some of the most popular options require that you also be engaged.

This is so you can earn privileges, and the more active your are, the higher your ranking within each site becomes. This is a secondary factor to your overall promotion campaigns. Your activity will get picked up by followers who are sent directly to your new content. Committed fans are likely to leave great reviews and upvotes for you.

How Easy Is Social Bookmarking?

These steps may sound complicated, but they’re relatively easy to follow. Be reminded that each platform is social in nature. Simply be active, support other members and stay away from spammy behavior. The social structure of each platform requires that you provide value before promotional content.

Are There Special Requirements For Social Bookmarking?

Everyone has access to the sites we’ve listed below, so you don’t need special requirements except an active account. You can get your own access by simply registering. The sites you choose will depend on the type of marketing you want. Ideally, it’s best to work with sites that allow “do follow” links.

– Do Follow Links:
These links are read by search engines and enable the search-bot to follow links from bookmarking sites onto yours. This is helpful in verifying the validity of your link connection between brands. You can actually be penalized, however, for having links from poor quality platforms. It pays to be aware.

– Nofollow Links:
Nofollow links have gained a bad rap within online marketing. There is some power behind these links that you should know. It’s best to diverse your links and without relying on only one kind. The power of nofollow links comes a compounded effect. Having links is a plus all on its own. You don’t need them to be followable.

Measuring your nofollow links against other brands could give you a higher rank. This would be gained as long as you have more than your competitors.

What Are Some Trusted Sites To Get Started With?

Here’s our list of 50 different sites that you can start exploring right now:

– 1.
– 2.
– 3.
– 4.
– 5.
– 6.
– 7.
– 8.
– 9.
– 10.
– 11.
– 12.
– 13.
– 14.
– 15.
– 16.
– 17.
– 18.
– 19.
– 20.
– 21.
– 22.
– 23.
– 24.
– 25.
– 26.
– 27.
– 28.
– 29.
– 30.
– 31.
– 32.
– 33.
– 34.
– 35.
– 36.
– 37.
– 38.
– 39.
– 40.
– 41.
– 42.
– 43.
– 44.
– 45.
– 46.
– 47.
– 48.
– 49.
– 50.

Watch Out For Paid Backlinks

Start the work of social bookmarking with a bit of due diligence.

It’s easy to get caught up in gathering all the links you possible can and without giving enough attention to the obvious details. We agree that links are links, but doing a little more in acquiring each will make you stand out from the rest.

Here are a few more things to consider:

– Why Quality Matters:
Quality is about competition and how search engines will evaluate each link you connect with. You may not be given a bad rank for the links you use, but you can increase that rank if all of the sites you partner with are themselves quality links. You want to gauge quality by ranking the sites you use with a few basic concepts.

The popularity of each site should always be taken into consideration. The more people, the better a site’s links are. This ranking factor will give you a boost. You want to then consider the quality of content being posted on each site.

Google ranks your content; it will surely rank the content found on bookmarking sites. Quality matters because you want to create a chain of quality from your platform to theirs and vice-versa.

– The Issue With Paid Sources:
Let’s now take into consideration services that sell links. The idea is simple and attractive at first glance. You should then take into consideration what a backlink truly is. Backlinks are best when defined as a social coalition between you and another site. This partnership is mutual and sends a message to Google.

That signal is one which suggests that the links you share are supporting you as a reputable brand. It also suggests that the links you acquire are from reputable sites. This should make the complication in buying very clear. A site that only sells links doesn’t create content of any value.

It’s great to have links, but all links will be evaluated by search engines. This means you want to find links from sites that produce something of value for Web surfers. Ultimately, buying links is strictly forbidden by Google. It’s best to avoid it.

Free Social Bookmarking Sites List

Be sure to use this guide as a reference as you continue building your links and as you expand from no cost, penalty-free bookmarking links that can surely improve your business. The sites we’ve listed are accepted by many social groups online, and this means that you won’t be working against Google regulations.

Supporting your brand with an accumulation of links is a good start in reaching the front-page of search. Social confirmation is a big factor. The engagement you can generate will also send search engines a clear message that you’re relevant to your market while providing quality content that people can rely on.

Nothing will generate better ranking than these factors. Be sure to consider them as you excel with your bookmarking campaign and with the sites we have listed above.

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